Ruines Wegelnburg © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer

© GDKE, U. Pfeuffer

© GDKE, U. Pfeuffer

Villa Ludwigshöhe Castle © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Villa Ludwigshöhe Castle

As far as the eye can see
The villa has a wonderful interior and affords spectacular views.

Trifels Castle © Stefan Engel
Trifels Castle

The most powerful castle in the empire
In the Middle Ages, the castle was not only a treasure chamber, it also served as a prison for Richard the Lionheart, among others.

Dahn castles © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Dahn Castles

Turbulent times for the knights of Dahn
The Dahn Castles are an excellent example of the clifftop castles typical of the Wasgau hills.

Landeck castle ruins © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Landeck castle ruins

The highest castle keep in the Palatinate
This popular destination provides fantastic views and a wonderful setting for events.

Nanstein Castle and ruins © GDKE. U.Pfeuffer
Nanstein Castle and ruins

Mighty throne atop high sandstone cliffs
Franz von Sicklingen, ‘the last knight’, fought his last battle here.


Hardenburg castle and fortress ruins © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Hardenburg castle and fortress ruins

Fortified Renaissance residence
The Counts of Leiningen left behind this castle and fortress complex, which is one of the most impressive there is.


Other monuments © GDKE, U.Pfeuffer
Other monuments

Countless original sites
Discover the history of the Palatinate, the castle country.

Speyer, an archaeological  showcase © GDKE
Speyer, an archaeological showcase

Window to the past
Dive into the fascinating world of archaeology!